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University Librarian Welcome to University of Benin Library. For more than four decades the Library has provided the services and collections needed to support and enhance teaching, learning and research. Today, the library consists John Harris Library (the main library), MTN Foundation e-Library, Donald Partridge e-Learning Centre, Ekehuan Campus Library, and 12 Faculty Libraries. The University of Benin Library houses over 300,000 book volumes, over 38,000 print journals, and provides access to thousands of online resources. Over the past decade, information technology has enhanced the way the library’s mission is fulfilled, as user-satisfaction and service excellence remain matters of high priority to the Library.

You are encouraged to explore the Library’s website, follow the Library on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and visit the Library in person. We believe working with our librarians and other technical and administrative staff, and using our information resources will enrich your research and learning experience.