The e-Library houses e-books, e-journals, articles and current publications in various fields of study to facilitate teaching, learning and research. Materials in the e-Library are available in four forms namely, the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), the Institutional Repository (IR), the e-Book Repository (e-BR), and the Scholarly Databases (SD).

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The OPAC allows users to access what the library has in its collection without visiting the library. It gives users details about the location of a particular book in the library for quick and easy accessibility. To access the OPAC, click the button below

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The IR is a repository for intellectual work emanating from Wesley University. Articles published by staff and students of the University, articles in academic journals domiciled in Wesley University, and other internally generated intellectual property of the University are housed in the IR. To access the IR, click the button below

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The e-BR is a repository of electronic books. It allows users to access e-Books available in the library, read them online, and download them as well. To access the e-BR, click the button below

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