Electronic Resources

Accessible electronic resources are categorized into four as listed below. Usernames and passwords where applicable are made available on request.

Databases in this category require usernames and passwords for access. Please request for usernames and passwords from the Reference Librarian. Kindly go along with proof of membership of the University of Benin user community (Staff or student I.D Card, proof of payment of school charges, etc.). For virtual request, kindly contact the library through any of these means.

Access to databases in this category is open. No form of authentication is required.

Databases in this category are configured with the University of Benin IP address, hence, users will have full access to resources therein ONLY through the University of Benin network (i.e., Uniben Internet).

Resources in this category are not scholarly databases or subscription-based databases per se, but their content are considered good for academic and professional purposes.
Click here to suggest to the library resources you want to be added to the Other Resources list, or send links to those resources to the library for assessment and necessary action.

If you have problems accessing any of the resources above, kindly contact the library or visit in person.

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